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Frequently Asked Questions


Bag Return Policy

In order to keep our prices competitive for our clients, we will charge an initial bag deposit fee on your first order of $12. This deposit will be refunded upon return of your delivery bags from your following pick up. Misplaced and/or unreturned bags will be subject to a $5 fee on future orders. We kindly request our clients to place our delivery bags outside with your next scheduled pick up.


How Does It Work?

We strive to make the process as seamless and easy for you as possible. Simply submit an order by 2pm in order for next day pick up, excluding Sundays.
We will pick up your laundry in our provided drawstring bag from the specified area noted during the order submission process. Our drawstring bags will be provided to you prior to your first scheduled pick up, and will always be provided with your returned order. All laundry will be sorted into whites, lights and darks. We then wash and dry based on your chosen preferences. If certain items need to be air dried, those items must be placed in a separate disposable bag within the provided bag. Our mesh bags for delicates (lingerie, bathing suits, etc…) will be provided as well. Simply place desired items in the delicates bag, and they will not be removed until after your wash process.

Your laundry will be returned in one of our weatherproof totes at your scheduled return time.

Do I Need To Separate My Clothes?

No, we make it as easy as possible for you! We will carefully sort and spot check all items prior to laundering. Don’t forget to place delicates in our provided mesh bag.

Will You Air Dry Clothes?

Yes! Items that need to be air dried should be placed in a separate disposable bag inside the drawstring bag provided. Those items will be returned on hangers, if provided. Unfortunately, air dry is not an option if rush delivery is selected due to time constraints.

How Will I Know How Much My Laundry Weighs?

The average household washes around 50 lbs. of laundry per week. We will include a photo of your scale amount once weighed on your invoice. 

Will My Laundry Be Washed With Other Orders?

Never! Every order is washed separately to be sure there are no sanitation issues or missing items. 

What If I Have Special Requests For My Laundry?

We try to accommodate every special request. Within the submission order area please outline any special requests. We will make every effort to accommodate these, and we will let you know if not available.

How Long Is The Turnaround Time For Delivery?

Your clean items will be delivered to you within two days and within the timeframe you select when placing your order. 

Rush Delivery Fees *based on weight/max 100lbs

Under 30lbs $15
30-50lbs $25
51-70lbs $30
71-100lbs $35

Do You Wash Bedding, Comforters, and Large Items?

We do! Larger items are priced separately for a large item fee of $10/each. Examples include comforters, pillows, dog beds, bath mats etc…Items cannot exceed what would fit in a standard large capacity household washing machine, such as a king size comforter.

How Does Payment Work?

You will receive an itemized Square invoice via text after your laundry is picked up and weighed. Invoices must be paid in full PRIOR to scheduled delivery. We ask our returning clients to keep a card on file.

What If I Forget To Put My Laundry Out Within My Scheduled Pick Up Time?

A $7 missed pick up fee will be charged. We will make every effort to reschedule your pick up the same day.

What If I Need To Change/Cancel a Scheduled Pick Up or Drop Off?

Any cancellations or changes must be made within 24 hours of your scheduled pick-up time. Simply inform us via text message: (386) 341-0740.

What Happens If Items Come Back Damaged Or Lost?

We strive to take care of your laundry like it’s our own, but accidents do happen! Please e-mail our customer service department at and let us know of any issues with your order.

Do You Offer Dry Cleaning Services?

We have partnered with a local dry cleaning company and will simply act as a courier for dry cleaning items. We cannot offer 24 hour service on dry cleaning. We will send you a text and let you know the expected delivery time of your dry cleaning once it has been dropped off.

Do You Offer Fragrance Free Or Dye Free Products?

Yes, we do! This option is available on your submission order under the detergent selection drop down.

Where Should I Leave My Laundry Bag For a Scheduled Pick Up?

We understand that our weather can change at any moment in the day. Our bags are “weather-proof” but we cannot guarantee that during a strong afternoon shower, items will not be exposed to inclement weather. We give you the option when scheduling your order to outline any special information regarding pick up areas  (Back porch, inside garage, etc…) If any codes are required for access, please make sure to add those in. 

Can I Set Up A Reoccurring Order?

Yes we do offer a recurring service, please contact us at or text us at (386) 341-0740
*You will not need to submit orders each time when selecting this option.